Hokuriku Penisula Tour Duration 7 days

【Day 1】
Nagoya / Magome / Tsumago / Takayama
At first visit Ena Valley, popular for its scenery, with cherry, azalea and autumn leaves. A valley with many unusually-shaped stones and rocks. Then you can enjoy time to travel and slip back to the Edo period. This Tsumago and Magome area are first area designed as a national preservation district of important traditional structures.

【Day 2】
Takayama / Toyama / Wakura
Takayama is beautiful, historical town, with projecting latticework and eaves of uniform heights and one of the three largest festivals in Japan. Then transfer to Shirakawago. A chain of houses built in the traditional “gassho-zukuri” style. The whole village was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1995, proceed to Toyama Prefecture, fishermans area, visit fishermans warf at Nanao Area. Enjoy Japanese style onsen spa at famous Wakura Onsen Hot Spring Resort.

【Day 3】
Wakura / Wajima

There is fantastic scenic and old style life style in this Noto Peninsula, at first visit Tsukumo gulf, there is very tricky rock named “Gunkanjima” which means warship boat island. And visit top of Noto Peninsula, Rouonzaki, you can have 180° scenic observatory from Rokuonzaki Lighthouse. Then visit Sosogi Seashore can see Gojinjyo Taiko Dance.

【Day 4】
Wajima / Kanazawa
At fist attend Wajima Morning Market, one of best morning market in Japan, Old Woman selling fish, vegetable and craft at instant shops. Then you can see many cliff through the road, very famous one is Yaseno Dangai, movie sight of Zerono Shoten, very famous novels in Japan. Visit the biggest town Kanazawa center of economy, commerce and culture for the Hokuriku region. A prosperous castle town for over 300 years.

【Day 5】
Kanazawa / Fukui / Hikone / Otsu

Transfer to Fukui, visit most dangerous cliff “Tojinbo”. There are many person who try to suicide there. And visit Eiheiji Temple, seven monasteries with vast precincts. Buddhist monks adhere to ancient rules and practice rigorous discipline even today. Visit Hikone Castle, one of the most four beautiful castles in Japan with its three-layered chalk tower. Then visit Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan.

【Day 6】
Otsu / Kyoto / Osaka
Visit Kiyomizu Temple, most beloved temple and famous “Jump of the stage of Kiyomizu” and Golden Pavilion, the image of the temple richly adorned in gold leaf reflects beautifully in the water of mirror. And Gion、if you are lucky enough, you can watch and take photo with Maiko. Then visit elegance bridge, Togetsukyo at Arashiyama, last visit to Osaka Castle, a water city that affords cruising pleasure and sightseeing. The symbol of Osaka with its 500 years history.

【Day 7】
Osaka / Kansai-Departure
Free until transfer to Kansai Airport for Departure.


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