Authentic Japanese Food Tour Tokyo / Chiba / Yamanashi / Nagano  Duration 5 days

【Day 1】
Narita / Tokyo
After arrival at Narita Airport, transfer to Hotel. Then, we invite Izakaya Dinner, typical dinner for business man.

【Day 2】
Tokyo / Chiba / Tokyo
Transfer to Itako Suigo Area, take a leisurely look around the waterway, old town lake and river, and visit Kujyukurihama the beach that has a long, straight coastline with no reefs. You can see the earth is round from the observatory. You can have local clam lunch here. Proceed to Tainoura, you can watch big red snapper from a boat easily, also see fantastic rocks and seashore. You can also visit the mountain named Nokogiri Yama which means “saw shaped mountain”. Then return road to Tokyo through Aqua Line and Umihotaru, leisure basement on the sea. Today’s dinner is Japanese traditional “Oden” fish cake in a soup.

【Day 3】
Tokyo / Yamanashi / Nagano / Tokyo

At first we lead you fruits Kingdom Yamanash. You can experience many kinds of fruits picking there on any season. Then visit Shosenkyo Gorge, you can see fantastically rocks such as the Kakuenbo, one of the most beautiful valley in Japan. Today’s lunch is Local Houtou Lunch, noodles and vegetables in hot pot, then vist Lake Suwa, spectacular and enormous lake. Ice fishing is a regularsport during winter. Then visit Onioshidashi Lava Park, wide spread under Mt Mihara and very fantastic view, you can watch. Today’s dinner is Kamameshi Dinner, boiled pot rice with many items.

【Day 4】
In the morning, visit Tsukiji Fish Market, watching worker at market and many kinds of fish including rotary sushi breakfast., then experience Japanese traditional tea ceremony at Happoen, surrounded beautiful Japanese garden. Today’s lunch is “Monjya” half-fried thin floor dough. Visit Rikugien Garden ; one of the daimyo garden. And you can experience Toden ride, only one Metropolitan Streetcar in Tokyo. Then visit Tokyo Sky Tree which will be one of the tallest towers after construction will be completed. Now it is on the under construction. Today’s dinner is Sukiyaki Dinner.

【Day 5】
Tokyo / Narita / Departure
Free until transfer to Narita Airport for Departure.

Hokuriku Penisula Tour Duration 7 days

【Day 1】
Nagoya / Magome / Tsumago / Takayama
At first visit Ena Valley, popular for its scenery, with cherry, azalea and autumn leaves. A valley with many unusually-shaped stones and rocks. Then you can enjoy time to travel and slip back to the Edo period. This Tsumago and Magome area are first area designed as a national preservation district of important traditional structures.

【Day 2】
Takayama / Toyama / Wakura
Takayama is beautiful, historical town, with projecting latticework and eaves of uniform heights and one of the three largest festivals in Japan. Then transfer to Shirakawago. A chain of houses built in the traditional “gassho-zukuri” style. The whole village was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1995, proceed to Toyama Prefecture, fishermans area, visit fishermans warf at Nanao Area. Enjoy Japanese style onsen spa at famous Wakura Onsen Hot Spring Resort.

【Day 3】
Wakura / Wajima

There is fantastic scenic and old style life style in this Noto Peninsula, at first visit Tsukumo gulf, there is very tricky rock named “Gunkanjima” which means warship boat island. And visit top of Noto Peninsula, Rouonzaki, you can have 180° scenic observatory from Rokuonzaki Lighthouse. Then visit Sosogi Seashore can see Gojinjyo Taiko Dance.

【Day 4】
Wajima / Kanazawa
At fist attend Wajima Morning Market, one of best morning market in Japan, Old Woman selling fish, vegetable and craft at instant shops. Then you can see many cliff through the road, very famous one is Yaseno Dangai, movie sight of Zerono Shoten, very famous novels in Japan. Visit the biggest town Kanazawa center of economy, commerce and culture for the Hokuriku region. A prosperous castle town for over 300 years.

【Day 5】
Kanazawa / Fukui / Hikone / Otsu

Transfer to Fukui, visit most dangerous cliff “Tojinbo”. There are many person who try to suicide there. And visit Eiheiji Temple, seven monasteries with vast precincts. Buddhist monks adhere to ancient rules and practice rigorous discipline even today. Visit Hikone Castle, one of the most four beautiful castles in Japan with its three-layered chalk tower. Then visit Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan.

【Day 6】
Otsu / Kyoto / Osaka
Visit Kiyomizu Temple, most beloved temple and famous “Jump of the stage of Kiyomizu” and Golden Pavilion, the image of the temple richly adorned in gold leaf reflects beautifully in the water of mirror. And Gion、if you are lucky enough, you can watch and take photo with Maiko. Then visit elegance bridge, Togetsukyo at Arashiyama, last visit to Osaka Castle, a water city that affords cruising pleasure and sightseeing. The symbol of Osaka with its 500 years history.

【Day 7】
Osaka / Kansai-Departure
Free until transfer to Kansai Airport for Departure.

Izu Hot Spring Journey Duration 6 days

【Day 1】
Narita / Hakone / Kawaguchi-ko
After arrival at Narita Airport, transfer to Gotemba Outlet Mall for shopping, then proceed to Hakone National Park, sightseeing at Lake Ashi Cruise and Owakudani Boiling Valley. Hakone is renowned for its hot spring. Brilliant natural landscape made by the eruption of the Hakone Volcano. Enjoy Japanese Onsen Spa at Japanese style Ryokan Hotel at Lake Kawaguchi.

【Day 2】
Lake Kawaguchi / Numazu / Matsuzaki
At first, let ascend to visit Mt, Fuji 5th Station. If you are lucky enough, you can find panoramic view of Izu Peninsula and Pacific Ocean. Then you can ride on Izu West Coast Cruise from Numazu to Toi, Its View from Cruise Ship is particular and beautiful. Then proceed to Matsuzaki which is famous for Namako Kabe Wall and old classic school, established at Meiji Period and enjoy Japanese Natural Onsen Spa.

【Day 3】
Matsuzaki / Shimoda / Jyogasaki / Ito

This day, you will make a round trip for Izu Peninsula along seaside. Sightseeing at Shimoda City Top of Izu Peninsula, ride on ropeway to Mt Nesugata and walking around city trip.
Then transfer to Kozu, famous for early cherry blossom on February, visit to Kozu Otaki waterfull, then proceed to Jyogasaki Kaigan, visit to Jyogasaki Suspension Bridge. Seeing panoramic view of Pacific Ocean and curious searock. Seaside drive continue to Ito City. Big Onsen Spa Area in Izu Peninsula, stay and take a rest there.

【Day 4】
Ito / Atami / Tokyo
Enjoy morning onsen Spa at Japanese Ryokan, then transfer to Atami, through dried fish road. Atami is a famous garden thanks to its plum trees. Then, let’s go to the center of Atami City, and go shopping at Atami Station Shopping arcade, take a lunch there and enjoy buying Japanese Manjyu and many gifts. After enjoying Atami, proceed to Tokyo, Center of Japan

【Day 5】
Enjoy Tokyo Sightseeing at Tokyo Metropolitan Center for panoramic view, and go to Shibuya, young casual town for shopping, Omote Sando Hills, then transfer to Asakusa to visit Asakusa Kannon Temple and Nakamise Shopping Arcade. Rest of day is free time.

【Day 6】
Tokyo / Narita
Transfer to Narita Airport with Guide, return flight to each country.

Central Japan Duration 6 days

【Day 1】
After arrival at Kansai Airport, proceed to Osaka Castle for taking photos. Then visit Universal Studio Japan armed with one day passport and enjoy a variety of exciting theme park rides and shows inspired by world famous movies, animations and comic series spread out among nine distinctly designed areas offering unique experience. In the evening, you are free to explore ‘Shinsaibashi’ and ‘Dotombori’ – Osaka’s lively night areas.

【Day 2】
Osaka / Nara / Tokyo / Nagoya
In the morning, you progress to Nara to visit Todaiji-Temple. Todaiji-Temple Daibutsu-den is the largest wooden building in the world and the Daibutsu ( Great Buddha ) is the largest bronze figure in Japan (15 meters high). Then visit Nara Deer Park which accounts almost 1200 deer, considered as messenger of God in pre-Buddhist time.
Thereafter proceed to Kyoto to visit Kiyomizu Temple which is noted for its unique architectural style. Its main hall stands on a cliff, supported with a wooden platform in front, from which a panoramic view of Kyoto can be viewed. Next visit Heian Shrine which is the most representative Shinto Shrine in Kyoto.

【Day 】
Nagoya / Mt. Fuji
After Breakfast, proceed to Hakone National Park and drive up Mt. Fuji 5th station (subject to weather conditions). Mt. Fuji is the highest and most celebrated mountain in Japan. It is also considered to be one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Thereafter continue to Owakudani Valley, known as boiling valley, and then to Oshinohakkai where you will see eight beautiful clear ponds.
Finally, proceed to Gotemba Premium Outlet Mall which offers a new style shopping.

【Day 】
Mt. Fuji / Tokyo
In the morning, visit Asakusa Kannon Temple which is the most popular temple in Tokyo. The legend says that in year 628 the statue of Kannon was unexpectedly netted in the Sumida River by two fisher men. Nakamise street, the main approach to the temple, is lined on both sides with many souvenir shops, same dating back to the 19th century.
Then transfer to a lively shopping area, Ameyoko where many bargains can be found.
Thereafter, you will have a chance to take Odaiba cruise. You will enjoy the view of Tokyo bay.

【Day 5】
Tokyo / Narita

After breakfast, you will visit Tokyo Disneyland or Disneysea armed with one day passport. You will explore Toontown, World Bazaar, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, or venture into the mystical and romantic world of Disneysea.
Thereafter transfer to Narita Area to check in Hotel.

【Day 6】
Narita / Departure
Free until transfer to Narita Airport for Departure.

Tateyama, Snow Otani Walk Duration 8 days

Arrival Nagoya
• Visit Food Replica Workshop to experience making fake food sample
• Proceed to Kiso Valley located in Nagano and runs alongside the mountains of the Central Alps. Anancient 70 km trade route
• Visit Tsumago (one of the best preserved post town in Japan)
• Proceed to Gero (one of the Japan’s top hot springs area and these springs are nicknamed “springs for the beautiful”) to stay and enjoy onsen
Lunch / Dinner

Morning transfer to Takayama
Visit Takayama Jinya (is a historic government house) and Old Town
(is also referred as “small Kyoto in Hida” due to its quaint atmosphere)
• Proceed to Shirakawago Village (UNESCO World Heritage Site with traditional thatched roof houses)
• Visit Kanazawa Kenrokuen Garden (Japan’s most celebrated landscape garden)
• Visit Gold Flake Workshop to see the traditional art of gold flake making
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

• Impressive views can be seen at the mid-April until May just after the road is opened. Summer and autumn attract visitors with beautiful landscapes, alpine flower and autumn leave
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

【DAY4】 Free days

• Transfer to Nagano
• Visit fruit orchard for fruit picking (subject to season)
Strawberry from Apr – Jun, Blueberry Jul – Aug, Apple Sep – Nov
• Visit Zenkoji Temple
• Experience Soba Making (Togakushi is the village of Soba)
• Enjoy the Healing Hot Spring in the hotelBreakfast / Lunch / Dinner

• Morning transfer to Komoro
• Visit Winery for wine tasting
• Proceed to Karuizawa Street for shopping spree
• Transfer to Tokyo
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

• Free at leisure for shopping or explore the city

【DAY8】 Departure
• Transfer to airport for your flight back home We hope you had an enjoyable vacation with Dynasty Travel and we look forward to bring you to your next holiday destination