Authentic Japanese Food Tour Tokyo / Chiba / Yamanashi / Nagano  Duration 5 days

【Day 1】
Narita / Tokyo
After arrival at Narita Airport, transfer to Hotel. Then, we invite Izakaya Dinner, typical dinner for business man.

【Day 2】
Tokyo / Chiba / Tokyo
Transfer to Itako Suigo Area, take a leisurely look around the waterway, old town lake and river, and visit Kujyukurihama the beach that has a long, straight coastline with no reefs. You can see the earth is round from the observatory. You can have local clam lunch here. Proceed to Tainoura, you can watch big red snapper from a boat easily, also see fantastic rocks and seashore. You can also visit the mountain named Nokogiri Yama which means “saw shaped mountain”. Then return road to Tokyo through Aqua Line and Umihotaru, leisure basement on the sea. Today’s dinner is Japanese traditional “Oden” fish cake in a soup.

【Day 3】
Tokyo / Yamanashi / Nagano / Tokyo

At first we lead you fruits Kingdom Yamanash. You can experience many kinds of fruits picking there on any season. Then visit Shosenkyo Gorge, you can see fantastically rocks such as the Kakuenbo, one of the most beautiful valley in Japan. Today’s lunch is Local Houtou Lunch, noodles and vegetables in hot pot, then vist Lake Suwa, spectacular and enormous lake. Ice fishing is a regularsport during winter. Then visit Onioshidashi Lava Park, wide spread under Mt Mihara and very fantastic view, you can watch. Today’s dinner is Kamameshi Dinner, boiled pot rice with many items.

【Day 4】
In the morning, visit Tsukiji Fish Market, watching worker at market and many kinds of fish including rotary sushi breakfast., then experience Japanese traditional tea ceremony at Happoen, surrounded beautiful Japanese garden. Today’s lunch is “Monjya” half-fried thin floor dough. Visit Rikugien Garden ; one of the daimyo garden. And you can experience Toden ride, only one Metropolitan Streetcar in Tokyo. Then visit Tokyo Sky Tree which will be one of the tallest towers after construction will be completed. Now it is on the under construction. Today’s dinner is Sukiyaki Dinner.

【Day 5】
Tokyo / Narita / Departure
Free until transfer to Narita Airport for Departure.


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